Value Changes


Notes while working on other tasks.
Journal.ItemsTransmuted = TimesTransmuted
Journal.Unknown18 = TimesEnchanted
MainCharacter.CharacterBaseID - CurrentModelID
MainCharacter.Unknown2 - OriginalModelID (pet transformations)
MainCharacter.Unknown? - TransformDuration (time left)
MainCharacter.Unknown11 - Current position in the main dungeon. 0 while outside of the main dungeon (in town, in the random dungeon).
MainCharacter.Unknown12 - Deepest level ever reached in the main dungeon.
MainCharacter.Unknown13 is BonusMana
MainCharacter.MaxHealth = CurrentHealth
MainCharacter.Health = BaseHealth
MainCharacter.MaxMana = CurrentMana
MainCharacter.Mana = BaseMana
Switch the cheater flag to be true only when = to the true value. The pets and townsfolk do not wish to be labeled as cheaters.
Review PastDungeon values.
MonsterLevel is DeepestFloor?
Review Effects now that it is reading from PAK.zip
Review Item unknowns - one was duration.
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Resolved with changeset 54436.

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